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Sunday, 31 March 2013

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Hello peeps,
I don't know about you but I found the information given about Google Reader disappearing forever on July 1st a little confusing as so many people seem to have a different understanding of it!

I found this answer in the blogger help forum to be the most helpful - 

 "The reading list on your dashboard is based on the feed of the blogs you are reading and their feeds are not going away. If you have items in your reading list on the dashboard that are only there because you added them through GReader and they are not Blogger blogs, they might be removed from the list when GReader goes away but any Blogger blog that is on your Reading List because you used the "following" gadget on another blog to start following it, should remain intact. GFC is already a basically discontinued product, and the removal of GReader will not affect its status.- Mishka"

  Word is don't panic! If you clicked "follow" on a bunch of blogs, your blogs will still be on your dashboard after July 1st & your blog will still be on other peoples dashboards.
Hmmm! Reading that I don't think it will affect me as I use my dashboard to look at the blogs I follow and not Google Reader, & I won't lose my followers or lose the blogs I follow as they will apparently be unaffected! I know this has caused much panic around blogland especially as it takes a long time & a lot of work to build up an amazing group of lovely peeps who want to follow your blog & I've been asked a few times if I could add a bloglovin button to make it easy for people to follow by that reader, so you asked and you've got :) It was such a lovely surprise to see I already have a few hundred followers with Bloglovin which I knew nothing about thanks so much lovely peeps


  1. Thanks, Mandy, I've been totally confused about this! I'm on Bloglovin now, but like you I use my Dashboard as my first port of call, and it looks as if that won't be affected. What a palaver, eh?!

    love Mags b x

  2. Thanks for that Mandy. I'd a feeling it would be something along those lines but it's nice to have it confirmed.
    I must admit I do like 'bloglovin' though. It's great to have all your blogs sorted into their own little folders so you don't need to read all the challenges etc when you just want to visit your friends.
    Happy Easter sweetie
    Anne x

  3. Thanks for the explanation, Mandy! I didn't understand what was going to happen as like you, I've read all different things but as I use my dashboard to follow blogs and I'm on blogger, I shouldn't think I'll be affected - by your explanation!! So - thanks alot for clearing that one up. Have a wonderful Easter weekend. Hugs, Marie x

  4. Thanks Mandy, I have Bloglovin too now, but I love my Dashbord and now I am so happy to read this.
    HAPPY EASTER to you and yours
    hugs Tamara

  5. Thanks for the very useful information Mandy, afraid I don't understand it all really, but this has helped, Kate x

  6. This was a very helpfull information, Mandy, thanks! :)I also use my Dashboard to look at the blogs I follow.


  7. Thanks for sharing this Mandy its so helpful xx


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